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Now available - "His and Hers" by Dawn Calvert

All Jane wants is a happy ending. Even if someone else has to write it for her.

When she’s thrust into a Victorian-era novel as the story’s main character, Jane is paired with a hero who has everything – looks, charm, money and social standing – except the ability to capture her heart. It’s her love life in shambles, all over again.

Wickedly handsome villain Curran Dempsey has a very different idea about who the hero should be. When Jane reclaims her damaged spirit and finds her voice, havoc ensues. Her hero is appalled to find his once-docile heroine instructing him the art of wooing a woman, the villain rising to hero status and someone else hovering in the wings to play the heroine.

But wresting control from the one who wields the pen can be dangerous. If these characters cause too much trouble for the impatient author, their happily-ever-after, and indeed Jane’s very existence, will be tossed straight into the fire.

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