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January 2, 2008
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Tell me what you want…

Sitting in her favorite coffee shop, Jane Ellingson realizes a frappucino can’t fix a broken heart. She used to have a cool job, a best friend, and a fiancé—and she she lost them all in one really bad day. Hey, can she have a do-over? How about a whole new life?

…What you really, really want

But Jane is about to get a second chance when she finds a stone that comes with a wish. With nothing to lose, Jane figures she’ll go for it—and suddenly she finds herself in Victorian England, meeting the dashing Curran Dempsey. Before long she’s smitten—and completely unable to stay in her corset. In fact, she feels just like the heroine in a romance novel, madly in love with a man who’s too fabulous to be real…and too sexy to give up.

4 stars! "Calvert’s second novel is deliciously original and bold, the perfect pick-me-up for the wintertime doldrums. It’s a romance within a romance with a heroine willing to risk all for love." —Maria Ferrer, Romantic Times Book Reviews

4.5 stars! "Dawn Calvert tells a stellar tale with her second release HIS AND HERS. Like its predecessor, HERO WORSHIP, this story takes readers ‘inside’ the book and we get to know the characters who are only truly in character when the author is writing. This is one of those books that just pulls you into the storyline and completely immerses you in the characters lives and their plight. I’ve often heard authors say that their characters take on a life of their own - in this book they really do!" —Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Book Reviews

"Jane is a woman many will identify and empathize with. She is smart, funny and wishes for a way to do it all over. Her wishing on a magical stone is a unique touch and adds a little humor to the storyline. Curran is a typical bad boy; he is charming, gorgeous, sexy and a man of experience. He thoroughly has his socks knocked off by the impressive Jane and it is a lovely thing to behold. Jane is an inventive girl and sets out to plan her own happily ever after with Curran, and kept this reader turning pages to see how she would pull it off. The chemistry is electric and leaves no doubt that these two belong together. The secondary cast is a well balanced lot that adds extra depth and pizzazz to the tale. I am thoroughly impressed with Dawn Calvert’s work and will be adding her to my auto-buy list. His and Hers is a lusciously entertaining novel I will be suggesting to friends and family." –Lettitia Elsasser, CataNetwork Reviews (singletitles.com)

Before he could finish, she’d closed the distance between them and reached up to hold his head between her hands.

Startled, he drew his breath in sharply.

Maybe he thought she was going to smack him. Furthest thing from her mind. Jane closed her mouth over his surprised lips, kissing him for all she was worth.

Sometimes, you had to grab the bull by his horns. Or, in this case, the gentleman by his ears.

Zebra Books
December 5, 2006
ISBN 082178059X
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Also available, from Zebra Historical Romance!

Fantasy vs. Reality

One moment Andi Lofton-Hale was an English teacher worn out by another bad blind date, tucked in with a Regency romance. The next, she’s face to face with the magnificent hero of Wedgfeld Hall: tall, black-haired, sinfully sexy Nathaniel Chamberlain. Is he real? Does she care? Nathaniel is the man of her wildest dreams.

However, there is a catch.

Andi is a minor character, not the heroine destined to win Nathaniel’s heart. He tells her it’s lunacy to come between an author and her plot…anything might happen! But Andi’s determined to rewrite her life, scandalize all of London, and make a brilliant match, before she can seize everything temptation has to offer…between the covers.

4 1/2 stars! "Have you ever wondered what a book's characters do when their creator's away? Calvert's take on their little secret is a unique perspective on time travel. Her delightful story will have you wondering "what if?" For pure fun this holiday season, don't miss." —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Book Reviews

It felt comforting, Nathaniel's jacket against her shoulders, with the heat of his muscled body beneath. She leaned into him. If he were as real as he claimed, would he disappear into thin air at the author's whim, leaving her to sprawl on the ground? He didn't. In fact, he pulled her the slightest bit tighter with what felt like an absolutely there arm.

He lowered her onto a stone bench and stepped back. Candlight spilled from tall windows behind him, illuminating the pale color of his breeches and the blackness of his hair. Cold began to seep through the thin fabric of her dress, startling her senses into a nervous clarity. "What would I be doing here?" she asked, more of herself than him.

"You are a minor character."

Given an opening, annoyance slipped right past consternation to claim the upper hand. "I am a lot of things, but never minor."

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