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January 2, 2008
ISBN-13: 978-0-8217-8060-2
ISBN-10: 0-8217-8060-3
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My new book, His and Hers, is now out in bookstores. Romantic Times says, “Calvert’s second novel is deliciously original and bold, the perfect pick-me-up for the wintertime doldrums. It’s a romance within a romance with a heroine willing to risk all for love.”

Beverly Romance Books says, “5 Stars – Unique and Amazing! Dawn Calvert mesmerized romance fans with her debut romance Hero Worship, an extremely unique storyline of time-travel back to the Regency era. If you are a true romance fan, her style is thrilling and many a romance lover’s dream. How many times has a reader been so absorbed in a story they wish they could be in it? This story will not only leave you smiling, but also laughing out loud.”

Tell me what you want…
Sitting in her favorite coffee shop, Jane Ellingson realizes a frappucino can’t fix a broken heart. She used to have a cool job, a best friend, and a fiancé—and she she lost them all in one really bad day. Hey, can she have a do-over? How about a whole new life?

…What you really, really want
But Jane is about to get a second chance when she finds a stone that comes with a wish. With nothing to lose, Jane figures she’ll go for it—and suddenly she finds herself in Victorian England, meeting the dashing Curran Dempsey. Before long she’s smitten—and completely unable to stay in her corset. In fact, she feels just like the heroine in a romance novel, madly in love with a man who’s too fabulous to be real…and too sexy to give up.

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